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The year is listed followed by programme title,
TV company, the number of millions who watched
and the highest position reached in the TV Top 20 chart.

Year Programme Viewers Pos.
1960 The Cliff Richard Show (ATV) 4.5 million 6
1961 Cliff (ATV) 6.1 million 8
1963 The Cliff Richard Show (ATV) 5.8 million 9
1964 Cliff (ATV) 5.8 million 7
1965 Cliff and the Shadows (ATV) 7.6 million 6
1967 Cliff (ATV) 6.0 million 10
1970 Summer Holiday (BBC) 6.4 million 15
1970 It's Cliff Richard (BBC) 7.5 million 7
1971 It's Cliff Richard (BBC) 7.3 million 13
1971 Getaway with Cliff (BBC) 5.1 million 18
1972 It's Cliff Richard (BBC) 6.5 million 15
1972 The Case (BBC) 5.0 million 14
In 1981, there was a four-part series titled "Cliff"
(BBC2), which helped Cliff win "Top Pop Star-1981"
award readers' poll by the Sunday Telegraph.
1999 An Audience With Cliff Richard (ITV) 10.73 million 8
2001 The Hits I Missed (ITV) 6.0 million 15

Cliff's "Audience with..." was the second highest in the long-running series. It was placed No.1 in the 'Entertainment Top 10'.

Cliff has made numerous TV appearances over the years. I have only listed known ratings and positions for Cliff's 'own' TV shows/specials.

Artists who appeared as guests on Cliff's early '70's BBC-1 TV series included: Olivia Newton-John, Mary Hopkins, Aretha Franklin, The New Seekers, Clodagh Rodgers, Marvin, Welch and Farrar, Elton John, The Nolans, Labi Siffre and The Three Degrees.

The recent 2001 - "The Way They Were - Rock & Pop Special" (ITV) presented by Cliff was watched by 5.74 million. Although Cliff presented and sang at the end, it wasn't a Cliff show, as it looked back at other artists' 'early' days.

Did you know?... that Cliff holds the record for appearing on the
hit pop show Top of the Pops (1964 - 2006) the most times with
over 160 appearances. Status Quo are second with 87.


Cliff has appeared on the Royal Variety Performance many times.
Let's start with those. Cliff appeared on the 1959 show,
but the first televised was in 1960.

The year is listed followed by programme title,
TV company, the number of millions who watched
and the highest position reached in the TV Top 20 chart.

Year Programme Viewers Pos.
1959 Royal Variety Performance not televised -
1960 Royal Variety Performance (ATV) 8.1 million 1
1962 Royal Variety Performance (BBC) 9.3 million 1
1964 Royal Variety Performance (BBC) 8.4 million 3
1973 Royal Variety Performance (ATV) 7.5 million 7
1981 Royal Variety Performance (ATV) 16.5 million 5
1988 Royal Variety Performance (BBC) 18.1 million 4
1995 Royal Variety Performance (ITV) 9.0 million 7
1999 Royal Variety Performance (ITV) 10.6 million 6
2004 Royal Variety Performance (BBC) 6.6 million 6
2005 Royal Variety Performance (ITV) 6.0 million 7
2008 Royal Variety Performance (BBC) 7.0 million 6
Apart from these, Cliff has also appeared on other Royal Gala Shows. 'One-off' special occasion shows with members of the Royal family attending.
1966 A Royal Gala (ITV) 9.6 million 1
1985 40 Years Of Peace (ITV) 14.8 million 2
1990 Royal Birthday Gala -The Queen Mother's 90th (BBC) 9.5 million 11
1994 Prince's Trust Gala (BBC) 7.0 million 14
2002 Party At The Palace (BBC) 15.0 million 3
2005 A Party To Remember - VE Day 60th (BBC) 5.6 million 8

In 1980, Cliff himself was awarded the O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) in the New Year Honours. He collected the award at Buckingham Palace on July 23rd.

In 1995, Cliff was awarded his Knighthood in the Queen's Honours.
He was knighted at Buckingham Palace on October 25th.

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